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Send in (♯`∧´) for my muses reaction to seeing yours getting kissed by another and actually kiss back.

With two cups of coffee in hand (one black, one with sugar, cream, and a little vanilla) Spencer walked down the dimly lit street. When the team had finally gotten back from Florida, Spencer had driven home and considered tucking herself in, but instead, she’d washed her face, brushed her hair, and had gone to her favorite coffee shop to pick up supplies. She’d barely made it before it closed, and as she walked, she couldn’t imagine the night going any better. One of the smaller theaters was screening an independent movie marathon (in French, even) and she’d figured she could drop by Chance’s and take her on an impromptu date. Spencer preferred walking as her mode of transportation, since parking was spotty and cabs just wasted money. Besides, Chance wasn’t far away.

She was passing  a hotel when she spotted a familiar blonde head of hair. That was perfect- the theater was two blocks away, and they wouldn’t even have to backtrack. She was about to cross the street when she finally noticed to man on her arm. 


Spencer knew Chance’s profession. She didn’t know the girl was working tonight, though, and as much as she tried to act as though she was okay with it all, Spencer preferred not to know what went on when Chance had a job. Somehow, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the two, half-hidden from their view by a parked car. She should go- what good could come of staying?- but Spencer was rooted to the spot.

Then he kissed her.

That was fine, of course he would kiss her. But when Spencer saw Chance’s porcelain arms drape upwards, her body lean into his and actually kiss him back… her mouth dropped open in horror, simply staring as her girlfriend kissed this random asshole.

Chance had walked her client to the lobby after their session was over. She’d tried to keep today off so she could relax, but this guy was a referral of one of her regulars, and he was in town just for today, so she’d let herself make room for him, figuring that if she and Spencer did anything, it wouldn’t be until the other woman was off work.

She laughed as the man made a joke in her ear before pulling her close, kissing her. He’d left her an incredibly generous tip, so she knew she still had to perform if she wanted him to call her next time he was in town, so she relaxed in his arms and stepped closer. Her hands slid up his arms, wrapping around his neck as she slowly returned the kiss before she finally stepped away.

Playing the part perfectly, a blush stained her cheek as she fluttered her lashes and lifted her eyes to his saying her parting words to him before turning to leave the hotel. The room was paid for, she always paid before the man got there, so she knew she could leave and head home while he hailed a cab to the airport.

She stepped outside and waved over her shoulder at the man again before starting down the street. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a flash of blonde hair across the street and paused. Turning, she caught a better glimpse of Spence and for once today, she felt relieved. Chance lifted her arm to wave at Spencer before starting across the street, making sure no cars were coming.

"Spencer! What are you doing here?" she asked, hoping that the other woman hadn’t been here longer than a few seconds. She liked the woman who’d helped her survive that hell hole, and she’d feel terrible if Spencer ever saw her working.


"It’s the Eastern European accent, uh, probably. Today…" He yawned, lightly scratching the back of his neck. "Basic drills… stuff. Boring."


"Thank God. I think after last night, I need a day of boring stuff… Please remind me never to drink that much again, no matter what we’re celebrating, yeah?” she asked, taking another sip of the coffee. Last night was a blur, and she sort of hoped it stayed that way.


Looking for new roleplay partners, vigilantwriter is a semi-selective, multi-fandom, multi-muse roleplaying account. Most common genres involve crime, science fiction and supernatural themes but I’m incredibly flexible about settings. I have a character tag which can be viewed here, but I’m more than willing to pick up and develop new characters, be they OC or canon.

  • Roleplayer is 18 +
  • Skype available upon request.
  • Many years roleplaying experience; 2+ on tumblr.
  • Fandoms include Marvel, DC, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Game of Thrones, Being Human UK, Elementary, + more
  • Para preferred but gif chat/icon chat also available. Para examples can be viewed here.

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Send me the word "Pumpkin" for my muse's opinion on what your muse should dress up as for Halloween.

"How do you feel about Lord of the Rings?" Spencer asked, excitement barely veiled behind her eyes. "Because you could go as Galadriel and I could be Eowyn and it would be awesome.”

"Well actually, there are multiple movies, and the extended editions are at least 4 hours long but… of course I’m ‘game!’ And then we can make sure you’re up to date on Star Trek.”


"Why do I get the feeling you’re going to make me dress up as Dana Troy for next year’s halloween?" she asked, chuckling. "How about this, you provide the movie and a place to watch it, I’ll provide the pizza and beer?"


"I’m not a saint. Or a devil. Just a guy. Hawkguy. D’you know my neighbor calls me that? I can’t tell if it’s just his accent or not…"


"Hawkguy… Hmmmm… naw… I like Hawkeye better," she said, grinning before taking a sip of the coffee. "So what’s the plan for today?"


I always get two in case I drop one, so…


"I’d call you a saint, but we both know there are devil horns hiding somewhere" she said, taking the second cup without even asking. She’d missed Clint, and yes, her first mission back had been great working with him again, but it was these moments, where others would have been scared to take the coffee without asking, that she really missed. She missed the human side of Clint.


Sunglasses are to hide the bags under my eyes. You can talk while I… coffee.


Sam grunted slightly, pushing her own sunglasses further up on her nose. “You better have remembered me when ordering the coffee”


Well, I didn’t hit any kind of followers milestone, but I haven’t done one of this since I switched to indie RP here, and I think it would be nice to show my appreciation to some people I’ve met here.

pretendersrps : My personal RPH! Hahaha. This lady is the responsible of me as an independant roleplayer. Since we met in a closed RP, she guided me through Tumblr, plotted tons and tons of stuff with me, and finally took me to Indie. She’s terribly busy, and she still finds time to RP and help me.

phaenomenxn : The French lady who fills my ask box! Also, the one who I played more AUs, always wanting to plot something new, forgetting dozens of plots in the way and creating even more. She’s also the one who helped me with these graphics because I suck at that and one of my first followers in indie.

xalltoowell, mesmerizingmuses and sexylittlequeen deserve an incredible mention for always being up to plot, do memes,or stuff, and even having multiple threads going.

There are some other people I haven’t interacted that much, but I still freaking love… because you’re simply lovely! xsparkofgrace ; valarmorghulis—valardohaeris ; innocentlyfriendly ; ellelanex ; studiogawker ; amiwr0ng ; beautifulxdistractions ; irresistiblebabes ; ilonawrites ; allthemutts ; xdiaryofavixen ; heartkillersx

Then you have the blogs I’m proudly going to stalk forever : saintsandsinnersx ; xxselcouth ; interwovenlonelyhearts ; sexandthebeauties


Ben rolled his eyes dramatically, 
"Ugh, what compelled me to tell you you would steal my hoodie?" He asked, shaking his head and looking at her. In truth, she looked perfect. He loved seeing her wearing something of his, and half of him hoped she would keep it.

"Does the diner serve typical crappy diner food? Because I could totally swing for that if you don’t mind." He said, swinging their hands playfully.
"But either one is really fine with me."

Jenny couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips as she lifted her shoulder in a shrug, “Who knows, but I’m not letting you take it back now. Consider the hoodie pilfered!” Her smile brightened even more as she enjoyed teasing the man, and the fact he teased her right back.

"If by typical crappy diner food you mean an edible heart attack on a plate, yes," she said, nodding matter-of-factly. "I don’t know how they season butter and grease to be so delicious, but I’m glad they do!" She let him swing their hands as they hit the street, glancing over at him. "Well, if either is fine, then I say let’s go see how the crappy food tastes this morning. Worse comes to worse we can bail and head to The Bean if it’s exceptionally awful today." She’d never had a bad meal at the diner, so she knew the plan B wouldn’t be necessary. Plus, she was looking forward to being able to relax with Ben a bit more before she had to run away school.

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